Licca-chan Gothic Lolita Dress Set

CLicky CLick!

I don’t know anything about them yet. They appear to be limited (really limited) handmade designer dresses. Which explains why they’re a bit on the expensive side (a bit!). I can’t even tell which Jenny friends those are! I wish I could find lace that tiny.

Ah! Christmas Licca!

Mmm. We slept and ate leftovers all day. Now THAT is a day off.

One thought on “Licca-chan Gothic Lolita Dress Set”

  1. If you would like very tiny lace to use on lolita costumes, you could try . They sell fabric, lace, etc. for miniature 1/12th scale costumes so The lace is very small and very good quality too.
    Have a great day!

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