eep. The kitten is creeping into my heart. Not helped by the fact that he looks like Zman’s bastard child. I talked to Shannon this morning. And he’s a boy, very tiny, cream with faint orange tabby stripes and a grey tail and he was rescued from the wild kitty menagerie in the yard next to hers. Zman is a siamese blue point with very faint tabby stripes.
Shannon is going out of town and said we could babysit Junior for three days. I really was not planning on getting a cat. But he’s sooooo sweet. We shall see. We’ll pick him up tomorrow.


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  1. Cute little kittens often take delight in terrorizing the elder cats of a house. Then again, the same little twerpkitten can become the most beloved cat toy of other elders… Just words of my cat integrational experience =)

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