Just in case…

You were forgettin’
Once more lighting candles for Lizzie, as Rita bears down on the Texas coast. And just a few inches of rain in NOLA could cause more flooding. How can we have TWO “once in a hundred years” size storms in three weeks? *shakes fists at heavens*
Just got off the phone with Bat, and we both seem to be suffering from what she called Once Removed Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
I WANT MY CITY BACK!!! I’m just in agony over the devastation. Also, politicians need to shut the fuck up and just do their jobs. All of them.
I’m real relieved about the President’s plan of throwing 200 bil at the gulf coast when he puts Karl Rove and Haliburton in charge. For cryin’ out loud. WTF!?!?
I realized yesterday that there are a few weeks of sporadically answered emails in my inbox. I’ve been very selectively/randomly responsive so apologies to all my loves! My brain is aflutter.