Itchy to buy Region Free!

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I’ve been a-wantin’ a region free player for years. And I’ve got super itchy over the wee machine at… anyone have any experiences with this or like machines? I like the idea of this one because you don’t have to hack it. Also, it will play VCD’s.
I want to buy many poncy flicks and tv series from the UK. Plus the shops across the street carry tons of cheap Asian vcd films that look fuuuuuuun.
Please to advise.

2 thoughts on “Itchy to buy Region Free!”

  1. Region free DVD players are very easy to find in the US and many don’t require any modification. Stores like Target and Best Buy have unknowingly sold region free players. I’ve seen some good ones go for as little as $35.00.
    I don’t think it’s necessary to order the player at J-List. You just need to do some research and learn to look for some telltale signs that a player may be region free. Then you can go to the closest retail store and pick one up for a lot less. There are a several websites devoted to DVD player reviews and region free codes. I don’t have any links on hand but they should be easy to find.
    Also, a region free player may be able to play PAL but it doesn’t mean that it will play it correctly. Anything anamorphic may be stretched. There may be some flickering at the top too. You’ll want to look for a player that is able to play anamorphic PAL, especially since you’re interested in UK DVDs.
    Finally, a lot of legit HK DVDs are R0 (Region free) and can play on a regular US player.
    I hope this helps.

  2. I’m using one from Walmart called Norcent. I paid about $35US for it. On the box it says it is NA region, but apparently it’s region free. It does pretty much the same things as the one on J-list. If you can go to china town, go ask around since now they have region free dvd player with progressive scan. So if your VCD is really bad quality, or totally scratched, it will still be able to play it.

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