It was the craziest thing…

Mr. Kallisti and I were hacking into poor Gudrun so I could gussy her up, AND SHE HAD NO GLUE ON HER SCALP! Just a wee spot along the back of the flange. The rest popped right out. No glue holding the scalp down over the dome either.
I feel so blessed. Mr. Kallisti dreads the descalping, but he’s very nice to do it for me.

3 thoughts on “It was the craziest thing…”

  1. My PWP was just like that, sometimes ya just get lucky.
    What are you planning to do to lil’ Gudrun? Your customs are always so fantastic ^_^

  2. She’s all done! I should be posting pictures sometime this week.
    I matted her and painted her eyelids green and changed her eyechips. That is all.
    She’s a stunner!

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