Interview Suit

I’ve been meaning to buy a few sets of professional clothes, but keep putting it off. Nothing stodgy, just slick with a little punch. Cuz I’m kinda freaky.
SO. Ran across this outfit at Lane Bryant last week and I think I want!


It also comes in bright fuschia pink but the green will go better with my hair. I just don’t know what kind of jacket to wear with it? Or a cardigan? Or…
There’s also this pink tweed jacket and liiiiiime duster! Eeeeeeeee! But I think I’m just being silly now.
Or! Aaaah!


With matching pants. *dies* I’m such a freak.

2 thoughts on “Interview Suit”

  1. Your taste is awesome, the pink tweed jacket kicks all kinds of ass, the whole little ensemble on that page is great actually, the green outfit is killer pro-style too.
    Shopping is fun!

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