In lieu of tarot memes

as penned, cut, pasted, and scripted by le Marquis 2384734 years ago, “Suffering is Hip’s” own Tarot “pick a card”:


Advancement, graduation, “The Next Plateau.” A man climbs the ladders of his chosen path.

Despite the stodgy Perry Ellis-wearin’ humdrum clipart dude in the image, this card is a damn good one to get. It means, mon ami, that you’re goin’ somewhere. That you’re on the up n’ up. Whether that pertains to your career, your love/sex/food life, or your unrequited dreams I leave to you.

The best thing about this card is that it tells you that you can physically map your progress. If you haven’t done so already, it suggests you do so. Where were you a year ago in respect to this climb? Two years ago? And do you think you can guesstimate where you will be next year?

The climb never gets easier, per se, but there is a pattern to it (thus the repeatable, identical plateaux in the image). Diligence and focus are called to your attention here. You will, as always, need them.

I of course cut and pasted the source code and img links to make the code work here. Sorry this isn’t meme-able, but play anyway! Paste the results! Straight text can be fun. Link to the page so we can see the pretty pictures.
Or whatever.