I’m totally devastated

jack wild
Jack Wild, R.I.P.
He was my true love, my first love, and still to this day makes my heart go pitter pat. I’m really, really crushed.

4 thoughts on “I’m totally devastated”

  1. I thought he was a really nice guy – saw an interview he gave last year and he was still as cute as ever.
    He had a certain charisma, something about him was so appealing. He’ll be entertaining the Angels now!

  2. I’m sorry your hero died, Kallisti. I hope you don’t think this is insensitive but the first thing I thought was that I saw a doll that had a similar look — but if you wanted to make a boy doll based on him. I think that this head made by Kaye on a boy body would make a good Artful Dodger http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50328. If you ever want to have a boy doll that is.

  3. Things like this are just really sad, that’s all I can say. Just know now that he isn’t suffering from any sort of mortal disturbances.
    Truly, R.I.P.

  4. Oh NO! My sweet “Jimmy” is gone. I adored him when I was little! This is so sad.

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