I’m old

It is 10pm on New Year’s Eve and I want to go to bed.
I just got very depressed and ran from the room and howled in despair when Mr. Kallisti chased after me with a bottle of sparkling wine. “I’m sorry!” I wailed. Sorry that I no longer lived the rock and roll lifestyle. Sorry that I couldn’t even stay up til Midnight on NYE to have a glass of sparkling wine in a pink rose encrusted goblet from the Madonna Inn. “I swear, I used to drink a lot! And every night, all night!” I wept. “I could shoot vomit from across the room and still hit the toilet!” I cried, burying my face into his shoulder. “It barely made a splash outside the bowl…” my voice trailed off.
Sigh. That was over ten years ago now. I’d left like Cinderella from the ball, hailing a cab outside a friend’s apartment in the Castro to get home before the vomit flew. I’d made a vow as a teenager to never let your friends see you hurl. After sixteen candy flavored jello shots and half of a log of port wine cheese in the shape of a venus de villendorf I was certain it was coming. Liz, remember that party? I think that was the Gorey party at Autumn & John’s, circa 1994.
After my sob fest I had the Mr. pour me some of that sparklin’ wine. I’m having about 4 oz. before I go to bed. Fuck it. I’ve had my rock and roll. Now I get to be happy.
me: 1996, I think

5 thoughts on “I’m old”

  1. Oooo the rock and roll life style! How I miss the leathal amounts of chemicals pulsing through my veins! The swirlling lights, the pounding music….yes 4:00 a.m. knew all my secerets. Know at only 24 I sit at hom reading a book on NYE. What a dweeb I am. APril if you read this, I know you were there then and are where I am now. Are you still trippin’?

  2. Next year, you two git yer butts out to a party!!! If this old lady can have fun NYE I KNOW you can! I have booze seaping outta mah pours

  3. Ah! Nice to hear I am not the only “all grown up” Rock & Roll lush who was in bed before midnight, After being roused from the couch by my hubby and assured that NO I am not a total loser for missing New Years in favor of the allmighty snooze. After all I did have a faux countdown and a drink of kool aid at 8pm for kid’s new years.
    good gawd as I always feared…I am a punk rock suburbanite mommy…I need a bumper sticker for the ultra un-goth white minivan. Egads!

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