You were a lost fairy girl trapped in a dusty attic and mistaken for an old doll, what would your name be?
Demelza (shaddup. I love poldark, so there.)
Please to help me.
I’m thinking all of them. One big long name. Mmmmmmm.

10 thoughts on “If…”

  1. Annabelle.
    Or something Ukranian.
    Do you still need the pink stripes? I do have them and I have a pic to send you of the scale… but I don’t have your e-mail anymore. Drop me a line if you still want them? princssami @ aol . com.

  2. Anisette, definitely. Lunette a close second!
    I’ve been lurking/reading your blog for a while, but I just had to comment on possible-fairy names. 😀

  3. i really like genevra!
    or if i can come with a suggestion… alva, it’s a swedish name and an alv (swedish word) is an elf/fairy, and it can be written as �lva too.

  4. another lurker here.
    Anisette because i think it goes well with the names of your other girls… although i also like �lva. a suggestion: Amabel.
    BTW Verity is the name of my EB A. :0)

  5. Marion (my Mother’s middle name)
    she died when I was 11 years old
    the fairies took her
    I was born in 1949 in Brisbane Australia
    (chuffed @ your blogg)
    mal E

  6. i would just like to say that i feel honoured to share my name with Demelza
    She is soo beautiful
    Demelza (UK)

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