I swear I didn’t mean to!

Stolen from Tamera! And posted only cuz it is so sorry.
How far?
1. Go To Mapquest.com
2. Click on Directions
3. Enter your Current Address and the Address of your Childhood Home (or at least the town if you don’t remember the exact address)
4. Put the time and distance in a post like this.
5. Don’t forget to repost these directions. (Not the door to door ones)
Total Est. Time: 6 minutes
Total Est. Distance: 2.26 miles
6 minutes!
I swear, I’ve lived far away most of my adult life (pphhffbt! In San Francisco). It’s my brother’s fault I moved back. He got me cheap rent! Wah!
And now I’m working 1 block from my High School. Yip!
Me. High School. Badass new wave photo coloring courtesy of Sharon Gore who sent me this picture DECADES later! Cry.

One thought on “I swear I didn’t mean to!”

  1. HA !! I’ll take full credit for that.
    Yeah, kinda makes me crazy not moving away. Then I don’t care, not even a bit. I’m busy. I have a barn, a windmill & some straw. What more could a suburban boy want? Except maybe a smoker & comfy sofa with a large teevee and cool refreshing beverages. And a bird …

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