I so relate

From someone who quit smoking a few years ago, this is so RIGHT THERE.
Jeffrey Zeldman is every designer’s god and guru. We love him like we love the memory of a favorite stuffed animal from when we were very small. I’m totally serious.
You’re right Mr. Zeldman, this stone too will pass. Trust me. I’m a designer.
And speaking of designing. All this work I’ve been doing has energized me to think ONCE AGAIN about my own websites. Alas. Sigh. Alas and sigh.
We would like to do something with the myriad of sites we have created. But we are daunted and creatively stuck.
I don’t think I would re-do everything, but certainly creating a front end, and doing some architecture magic on the back end would give the illusion of something a bit more cohesive.
We want to be seen as a whole, creative person. Instead of “I thought an army created these sites! You can’t all be the same person? What a freak! Have you been taking your pschytso meds?”