I love my kitty

No, not Biscuit. I don’t love him any more :p
My Zman, my little ole lady. She’s been so brave since her last surgery, but has gotten progressively more feeble. Her bones are old and she’s lost a ton of weight and she was already wee!
This morning when I was bathing her (she don’t do it herself no more) I was cutting off a knot in her fur and found what I thought to be a small tumor on another nipple. I took her right to the vet and yes, it had to come right out. It was much smaller than the previous tumor, but she also had some ingrown toe nails (bad mommy!) which had to be operated on. It is really hard to do this to her, she’s over eighteen and very frail and asthmatic and blind with three teeth left. But she carries on! She eats and drinks and sleeps and purrs. So brave.
Surgery is over and she’s home with me now on lots of drugs on a heating pad. I’m bathing her leetle paws.
She’s been with me my whole adult life. She is everything. I love her.
(Zman at bath time two years ago)

(Zman and Biscuit when he was a baby)

5 thoughts on “I love my kitty”

  1. I’m glad Zman has you for a mommy. She is such a sweet looking girl. I’m always amazed by how much I love my cats and how much love they give back to me. I send her gentle pettings and sweet kitty dreams for her convalescence. =0)

  2. I know how you can feel because I saved my best friend cat Carbone he had a squirrel bite on his face that he couldn’t reach. My friend tought it was O.K. but he was drowsy and really slow. When I decided to look closer he was so infected. We went rigth to vet. I kinda save him that day.. my best friend love me so much since!!!
    Best way to take care of cats… Cat milk, Minouches(cat candies) and a nice warm and fluffy blankie!

  3. Lucky, lucky Zman! 🙂 Glad to hear she’s holding up well. And oh, what’s Biscuit been up to now, LOL?!

  4. Oh, what a sweet baby! You are such a good mommy. Good for you!! I have a cat that is 17, missin gone paw, suffered numerous medical problems, the most recent was a stroke, plus the bone in her back right leg has basically turned to goo. she still loves to play, go outside and eat grass, and curl up and purr, purr, purr!! So many peole say we should put her down, but she is happy and not in a lot of pain, we just have to nurse her when she has bad days. So glad to see other cat owners care as much as I do. YAY FOR KITTIES!!!

  5. Update: Winner of the FIRE IN THE BELLY Award.
    Not as infirmed and frail as she puts on. She’d just assume break her own neck as take her medicine. She can squirm her way out of a headlock and run when she has a liking to.

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