I love days off.

I am hammering tiny grommets. Bwahahahaha! That is what time off is for! Hammering so much things are jumping off the counter and breaking and neighbors are crankily slamming doors. Yay.
Thanks to everyone and their lovely words on our anniversary. SWAK!!!
Also, this is awesome (stolen from Tamera & Marina): “Vertigo’s San Francisco: Then and Now
And let us revist this, shall we?


Sigh. Tired of it? No.

4 thoughts on “I love days off.”

  1. Awww… the guy in the foreground is so beyond adorable (though the guy in the back is charming too, I’m sure)!
    I wish I had a day off… I’d much rather be hammering little bitty grommets! I wanna work on stuff too!

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