I love a Saturday

OMG. Weekends are so awesome. I’ve been singing happy saturday songs all morning (very off key, of course).
We went and saw Oliver Twist last night. And it was brilliant. BRILLIANT, I say…
The murder of Nancy is a pivotal moment in English literature. Gah, Dickens is a god. And Polanski surely does him justice.
And on that note, something I’ve been meaning to share: Mr. Kallisti loves me so much he mounted this old magazine cross-promotional bit on hotdogs and the Broadway production of Oliver! a few months ago. Two great tastes that taste great together!

Note the red & yellow thumbtacks. Aw!
And Biscuit caught sleeping in my MSD clothing box. My bad for leaving the lid off, I guess! But you get the picture about what a small kitty he is.

We’re cleaning the house, getting ready for the Halloween decorations that will be going up tomorrow. The nephews are coming over to help, fun will be had by all! Oh boy.
Also, I’ve pre-ordered Liebchen. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Diep, I can’t wait to see her.

One thought on “I love a Saturday”

  1. o_O You pre-ordered her? Already?
    I couldn’t find anything on the mailing list that said anything about cost, or availability, or what?
    Details, pweeeze? 😀

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