I am pirate kitty

Hear me rawr.
Ok, I’m too old for this shirt. But it was ON SALE at Torrid and I am a suckah for pirates AND kitties. Gar. So I am wearing this today, and unashamed.


Also, I want to gay marry Alan Cumming. Is it possible to have a regular husband and a gay husband? Since le Marquisdd is already taken, Mssr. Cumming will do just fine thank you.

K, there were a ton of better glam shots, but this one of him in the tub with Ian McKellen is just TO DIE FOR. I’ve gone to big gay heaven.

Um, was there something else? Oh, yeah. Organic fruit is nice and all but it is FREAKIN’ expensive. Stopped by the farmer’s market at the ferry building and got five nectarines. For, um $6.50. FOR FIVE!?!? K. I’m done.
Now I’m going to make myself sick on fresh fruit. Yum, summer.

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