How lucky

“Hero” was just in theaters and now we have “House of Flying Daggers.”
“This graceful epic from ‘Hero’ director Zhang Yimou is so heroically seductive, you’ll practically faint into its arms.”
And I gots to get me to the theater this weekend for “A Dirty Shame
I have an unholy passion for anything John Waters. And though I wanted to see “Shawn of the Dead” this weekend I think John takes precedence.
Still awaiting:
The ultimate Bodice Ripper, a bio pic on John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Naughtiest poet to have ever lived and one of my absolute favorite historical characters. He epitomizes the term “rake.” Johnny Depp as Rochester, and Shane McGowan makes an appearance as a “bard.” No official site or information really. I am anxious. Depp site w/ lots o’ pix.
Release October 2004 in the UK

And “Team America”!!! Yeah!

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