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Stay tuned!
My winter has been all about low profile. We’ve had a rough and wonderful year, hard to take it all in. But now I’m hibernating in what little downtime I have. Work has been non-stop, so the quiet moments are like tiny baby birds that are easily squashed! I’m busy though, just not online much. Lots of writing and research, it gives me some awesome pleasure. Rainy days with small dogs and kitties and books and needlework. One is never too young to be grandmotherly.
And I uploaded a bunch of our pictures from the trip to London last June. Click thumbnails to be magically wisked away to Flickr!
Sleeping Beauty, or Madame du Barry The Victoria & Albert Museum Queen Elizabeth's Head
This way to the Bloody Tower!  This way to the Toilets!
Needless to say we are preparing fun postage for the severed head gallery. Woot!

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