Here I am!

Something weird, aside from myself, going on with my blog. For some reason ImageMagick and NetPBM aren’t being recognized on my server so the MT software can’t process images into thumbnails etc. I also upgraded to MT4, but it is barfing on my old templates. So I’ve moved to a slightly modified default for now and will be cleaning it up as I time allows! I hate doing things in stages this way, but it was brokey. *whine*
Also, what eeediot (me) thought it was a good idea to have a tooth extracted and then move the day after? This was my first bit o’ tooth surgery, I guess I’ve been lucky… but holy crap! That was horrible. How come I only got nitrous during the needle part, and not the pulling, smashing, banging and stitching??? I’ve never taken so many pain killers in my life. My face ballooned up very unattractively, and I had to stumble around directing my 70+ year old parents in moving token boxes up the hill to the new place (they insisted on helping, it was very sweet ♥).
I get my stitches out this morning… dude, I have stitches IN MY MOUTH o_0
Any way, welcome to the worst month of my life. Seriously. This entire year (except for that whole trip to Europe fabulousness) has bit the big donkey schlong.
But this morning on the way to work, as I was turning down Moeser and confronted with the AMAZING view of the bay from the end of our block, I felt the first glimmer of optimism since that poor man was murdered on our lawn.
It is not over, but there’s hope. And orphaned hedgehogs and a brush.
I still have to cancel DirecTV and eat the $175 contract cancellation fee they tricked me into 6 months ago for ordering their useless DVR that I returned anyway and ate the $99 non-refundable fee on already. As well as the preliminary AND final walk-through with our previous evil landlord and hope he doesn’t try to withhold our deposit beyond reason. Oh, and we have to eat another $150 contract fee from Earthlink because they don’t offer DSL at the new location. WTF, indeed.
I did manage to snag 5 pairs of shoes from the Haute Doll MA collection. Rawr. The dollies are still packed. I’m going through withdrawal. And my mother-in-law arrives on the 6th for a holiday!