Hellboy and Whores!

We went and saw Hellboy last night and totally loved it. Aside from the multiplying cthulu like demons, it refreshingly lacked a lot of hollywoodisms, and reeeally felt like a comic, i.e. the outsider freaks seeking solace with eachother and saving the universe at the same time. It was lovely. And I got a nice dose of John Hurt with crazy Einstein hair. Wooo! Mr. Kallisti is my big red hellboy and I told him so before the credits were up. Squeeeeeeeze! I’m a goob.

Before the movie we killed a few moments at Border’s Books. I swear, ten minutes and I bought TWO HARDCOVERS. It is hard to deny myself the reading joy. But I’m keeping the receipt in case they suck, um, like a book I got around christmas I couldn’t return (see below). Bleh. In any case, was browsing the history section and found this: Athenais: The Life of Louis XIV Mistress-the Real Queen of France. I’ve been wanting a good bio of the Marquise de Montespan for years. She was the notorious mistress to the Sun King. The reviews on Amazon are mixed. Sigh.
I also picked up: The Birth of Venus : A Novel. More whores! This time in 15th Century Venice. This one is fiction and has much better amazon reviews. And it was 30% off.
But I’m also still reading books recommended by Anika: A Mortal Bane (medieval style mystery where the spunky female protagonist runs a brothel) and I just started Slammerkin (18th century style whore’s journey). Whores are the order of the day.
Bat, we should have written that book! Whores are hip! Whores are cool. They’re all the rage and taking the literary world by storm. Whores are the proto-modern-emancipated woman and therefore much easier to relate to than her down trodden oppressed and depressed sisters. Whore as hero, what a literary device.
I like me some whores it is just fascinating how very prevelent the genre has suddenly become (suddenly as in last 5-10 years).
However I have to say that I did not like Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love (I’m sorry Bat!!!). I threw it across the room after reading the introduction. Or, more exactly, I threw it across the bathroom behind the toilet because I was in the tub at the time. I’m sorry, I just can’t subscribe to all that mumbo jumbo herstory fake anthro women once rulled the world with their super vaginal grip crap. C’mon! How do YOU know that prehistoric women had more orgasms because they were goddess worshippers. WTF!?!?
Clearly, I love women’s history. I’m fairly obsessed with it. But that is why a lot of the proto feminist crap pisses me off. It’s like it completely invalidates the history we do have by making us seem like hysterical fantasizing idiots.
Anyways, Betsy Prioleau based the entire collection of vignettes of famous seductresses on the fact that they had superior vaginal grip et al. I’ve never been so angry at a book in my life. I didn’t read enough to even know if she got her facts straight. But she writes like a gossip columnist which makes me extremely suspect of her material. Her characterizations made all the women seem like Jessica Rabbit in period costume.
*phew* Finally got that off my chest.
Oh, here’s a nice link on debunking the matriarchy MYTHS, MOTHERS, AND MATRIARCHIES: THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE GODDESS or try the short version. Oh, and someone wrote a book too, I should get that.
A pic man-belonging-to-SailorBean took at the Blythe Gathering of all of us. We cute.

5 thoughts on “Hellboy and Whores!”

  1. Aww, I missed Hellboy this weekend, was feeling cruddy.
    If you enjoyed Hellboy I highly suggest Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone and Chronos, they’re non-Hollywood films and excellent! Del Toro is a great guy and it’s interesting to see his Hollywood fare like Blade II and the sadly harmed Mimic up against those 2 movies, the guy knows what he is doing! And God bless him for his love of Ron Perlman, Hellboy is their 3rd film together…but I digress, movies are my first in line love before dollies ~_^
    Have you read The Honest Courtesan by Margaret Rosenthal? There’s a movie based on it, Dangerous Beauty, with whatsername from Braveheart, Oliver Platt, Rufus Sewell. The movie’s ok, not great, but watch worthy, it prompted me to pick up the book (though I haven’t read it in the 5 years I’ve owned it (>I am shamed<)

  2. Honest Courtesan is great! They butchered it in the movie, but if I can turn off my angry ticks it is good eye candy 😉
    And “The Book of the Courtesans” puts “Seductress” to shame:
    I read that a couple years ago and it is brilliant.
    I *looooooooove* Ron Perlman. Me and my husband gushed about him quite a bit, both before and after the movie. I’ll check out the other flicks you mentioned. Brilliant!

  3. I should read it soon then eh? Lol, as soon as Wolves of the Calla is done I’ll throw it on the nightstand.
    It’s not a surprise that the movie was “lacking” heh, though you’re definitley right about the eye candy observation, luv those dainties!

  4. I *heart* you for listing some of these books. I’ll have to snag these from the library when I get the chance. My boyfriend likes to tease me that I can’t call a book “good” unless it has opium and prostitutes. =^^=;;;

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