Gudrun gets kallistification

She’s been spray matted with Mr. Super Clear, eyelids painted a glowey moss green, brown beauty mark painted to match mine, and her eyechips changed out. And that is it. I love her so much I made her another wee dress. Oh, and Mr. Kallisti painted her glasses to look like mine. Sweet!


5 thoughts on “Gudrun gets kallistification”

  1. Squee! Omigawd she’s so cute! U must be cute too! I want to give you a huge!!!! Ah srry that turkey I’ve been eating for three dats strait is goinn to my head. Heh

  2. Thanks all for the cute comments!!!
    I did her eyelids with acrylics + extender + pearlizer. The extender makes it go on smooth without drying. You need to let each layer dry for HOURS and I did 4 layers I think. Also, you have to enlarge the eyehole juuuuust a wee bit otherwise it will scrape the paint off when you open and close the eyes.

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