Glücklicher Jahrestag zu mir!

Warning! This post is guaranteed to make your teeth rot!
♥ August 4th, 2003 ♥

Our first anniversary is today. We’re celebrating by taking the day off and having Pajama Day™! And then we’re going out to “House of Prime Rib” for dinner tonight. Oh boy. Meat Kitsch extravaganza!
This is been the happiest year of my life. Despite other issues, I am so eternally grateful to be where I am now that other problems shrink in comparison. And this is coming from someone who didn’t believe in true love, fidelity and happily forever after. For real. It can happen for the freakiest of us. Indeed.
For a brief history of our unlikely relationship and lots of pictures, please click below!

A very quick history, if you please …

We met online at the Fee Verte Absinthe Forum about 4 and a half years ago as Kallisti & Head_prosthesis. Sometime last year things got seriouser & seriouser, plane tickets were bought, trains took, and we had our first date in Seattle July 27th, 2002.
We spent the first day going to Archie McPhee’s, boating and visiting
With the ever gracious host Zman7, also of forum fame, and spent the next day on a whirlwind tour of the Twin Peaks filming sites in Snoqualmie and surrounding area. It was the best first date EVER. Holding hands on Ronette’s bridge while adolescents glared and jumped into the river just can’t be beat for romance. I’m serious.

More planes and trains in August, and again in September… and the decision was made to ship the engimatic Head_prosthesis from his home in Ypsilanti, Michigan out to lovely El Cerrito, California. Months of desperation and frugality ensued when on January 2nd, 2003 we both set out, amidst a small snow blizzard, from Michigan in his Chevy complete with homemade "coon huntin’ box" filled to bursting with his every precious posession.

Largest Ball of Barbed Wire2300 miles later on the Route 66 Trail (with a 2 day stopover in Vegas, duh), we arrived home and settled in.

MascaraOn June 5th, 2003 Mr. Kallisti proposed (weeee!) I accepted (see mascara stained tshirt) and the decision was made to elope to Vegas. We celebrated our engagement with a Bastille Day Picnic, which we usually do anyways, but I thought it would be a mighty fine way to celebrate the nuptials with friends.

We were married in Las Vegas on August 4th, 2003. You are invited to peruse our weddin’ album “The Reformed Coquette, or What I did barefoot in a Limosine on a Hot Vegas Morning“. It is low frills but has lots of commentary. The best anniversary present I got was Mr. Kallisti said I could post his picture on the internet for the first time, hence I am able to post this album. Yay!
Do your teeth hurt yet?

6 thoughts on “Glücklicher Jahrestag zu mir!”

  1. WOW! I just read the rest of your anniversary post, that’s so awesome >^.^<
    Josh and I met in MUCH the same way, met online about 4 years ago in the same forum, things went beyond normal chatting, we had a tentative first meeting at a convention, and then of course plane tickets were bought (many times) and we finally said screw it and made the trek from his home in IL to mine in MA (with all his stuff packed into a Uhaul).
    And now we’re getting married too ^_^
    You guys look adorable in your photos, and your dress rawks. Happy day to you!

  2. You guys are so cute! I’m so happy that you’re having such a wonderful time with married life. 🙂 Happy anniversary and I wish you many more!

  3. I hope you have 50 more wonderful years of joy & bliss! Hope all is well in the bay. I thought you posted a pic from china town of Lance? I think of my trip to see you both and smile everday! Best wishes, glenn

  4. Happy Anniversary! I truly wish you two all the best and perhaps another Archie McPhee (with me this time) get-together.

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