florescent lights eat my brain.
I think I will blame all my trauma on suck ass corporate florescent lighting. my brain is swollen.
random bunny pic makes me happy and cures all known diseases of the soul:

Oh! And I pick up my face hugger first thing in the morning. Oh boy!

One thought on “gah.”

  1. I like the bunnypic! 🙂
    The sleep apneia thing isn’t so weird. My friend’s dad has it and he has the whole huge non-petite face-hugger octopus! I guess it really helps though. I hope your diminutive face-hugger helps out with your sleeping, and with your anxiety issues – not slepeing well TOTALLY stresses me out, so I can see how that could make any existing disorders a million times worse!
    Good luck with it!
    I think you should customize your face-hugger to be more Kallistiriffic. Like adding burgundy glitter to the tubes or something…. 😉

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