From Anika

Google your name in quotes with an “is” — ex.: “(your name) is” — pick your favorite ten responses and post them.
1. Becky is quoted in Parade Magazine!
2. Becky is the one who professionally installs your seamless guttering.
3. And so, when Becky is out of the way, be sure that she is not particularly well employed, and that the less that is said about her doings is in fact the better.
4. Wherein Becky is UBER stressed.
5. ‘Becky’ is a wonderful choice to be grown as a specimen or en masse
6. Becky is loved by all the puppies
7. Becky is pretty, Becky is nice. Sweet and witty, Becky is wise.
8. Becky is full of beans.
9. The Becky is ideal for chilling out in front of the TV, catching up with a good mate or curling up with a great book.
10. Um… someone already automated this! And I did these all by hand.

One thought on “From Anika”

  1. 1.jeanie is processed and placed in the women and children’s unit by
    2.jeanie is ohta san’s sister
    3.jeanie is the daughter of songwriter connie bryson and the late jazz giant dizzy gillespie
    4.jeanie is everything her sister is not
    5.jeanie is no longer growing gourds
    6.jeanie is the most comprehensive and intensively tested beanie babies software ever
    7.jeanie is miraculously well on a certain level
    8.jeanie is presently moored at fenit pier
    (I AM plus sized, but jeez! LOL!)
    9.jeanie is a naturally beautiful blond that starts off her scene giving her stud a blow job to die for
    10.jeanie is currently serving as president of umsal
    Gawd I had no idea there would be so many outrageous answers!
    Thanx for cluing me in- this is awesome!

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