Friday night date

To see Howl’s Moving Castle! Yay.
And it is playing at the Kabuki Theater in JapanTown in San Francisco (or San Fransicko as Michael Savage calls it. Way to go to ingratiate yourself to your audience, dude. But I guess all of us commie urban perverts aren’t your intended listeners. Nyah!). So fun. We will go and eat ass tons of sushi, putz and see movie. Best night ever.
Also, please all congratulate Mr. Kallisti for finally picking out a desk to replace the loaner from my brother that we returned to him TWO MONTHS AGO. Poor thing not only doesn’t have a computer anymore (finally died so he’s piggy backing on mine), but all of his desk/craft items were in a little pile in the corner of our computer porch for the past two months. He’s very fussy so choosing something he’d be happy with was hard. Praise be to Urban Ore!