$5 paypal:
I’ve got three packs of Silky Kanekalon hair from ragdolly in white, light turq blue and light pink. Only the turquoise I think was cut into just the tiniest bit, all 3 in original package and has been sitting in the envelope ragdolly sent it to me in for 1.5 years. $5 pays for shipping and its yours!

2 thoughts on “Free-ish!”

  1. I would totally buy it if I didn’t have a Bohemian Beats Again blythe on hold for $70….:P
    but if I get that payed really soon and no one take up this offer, I’ll e-mail you or something.
    oh yeah, is this hair you are selling shiny, like blythe hair? (saran)

  2. I’ll Take it if is still available. Just email me and let me know how and where to ship money to you.

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