Freedom Tower of Power

The Fortress of Solitude to replace the WTC towers in NY.

from BBC:

His plan envisaged a soaring spire a third of a mile high (1,776 feet), with hanging gardens and a shaft of sunlight that would penetrate the building each year on the anniversary at the moments when the hijacked planes struck on 11 September 2001.

What is this, a giant stonehenge of DOOM???
Speaking of which, “Invader Zim” is out on dvd finally, I found out perhaps belatedly. Yay.

2 thoughts on “Freedom Tower of Power”

  1. They look like giant crystals…..
    … COOL! It’s Neo Crystal Tokyo, IN NEW YOURK! lol (sailormoon refrence)

  2. Meh. I think it’s foolhardy, to be honest. Yes, we do need to rebuild to say that we’re going to bounce back because we’re American… but still. Considering the target that the WTC has always been and will probably always be, I think they should build something that’s a little easier to evacuate. -_-*
    Yay, Invader Zim!

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