Fluffy torture

Spent the night at the sleep lab. With 238473487 electrodes taped with goo all over me, especially my head. And then had to try to sleep like that. If I wasn’t so exhausted all the time I don’t know what I would have done. I still woke up nervously 23478 times. And then they woke me up at 5am to unhook me.
Mr. Kallisti was sweet enough to crawl outa bed and drive to the burbs to pick me up. It was our first night apart. We were both sad.
Oh my gawd. My hair. They make you wash it with NO HAIR PRODUCT and it has to be bone dry when you come in. So I had to blow dry my hair. It was an afro. And it has been fifteen years since my hair has seen a day without product. Eeek. I was scary. But sleep lab people were super nice. The girl hookin’ me up said she had wanted desperately to be a mortician or go into forensics but she was deathly allergic to formaldehyde, I told her about my dad who is a cemetery historian, and we got along just fine.
I won’t know anything for three weeks until I go back to speek with the big doctor. Phhhbbbbt!
Also, Dolpa 11 will have new Dollfie Dream outfits, they’re only 8,800 yen so I think I should get one. Calamity is neglected :/

I wonder if I can just wait for them to hit the Volks site or if I should do some scrambling. Eh. No scrambling. Don’t feel like it. (heh. I’m tired. *yawn*)
No extra heads or chest expansions though. Pooey.