Ferchrissakes. Shut the fuck up, America.

Indecent. My ass. GO AWAY.
[so. mad.]
I swear. That was one of the most beautiful pieces of theater I’ve ever seen on the idiot box. Ever.
As if I weren’t pissed off enough. It is shit like this that makes me grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I shouldn’t say “America” though I guess. Because it is a tiny minority who is trying to shove their puny little shriveled raisin values down the rest of us decent folks’ throat.

To refresh: According to Mediaweek, 99.9 percent of “indecency” complaints to the FCC came from one group — the Parents Television Council. This completely hijacked the process of viewer complaints, which in turn drove FCC Chairman Michael Powell to tell Congress people were outraged (except only a select, censorship-prone group really were), and the chilling effect of politicians being riled up was felt immediately in Hollywood.

Btw, sweet engineer guy just came into my office and said Mitten as evil & cute!
Evil? *sniff*

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