F9/11 super article

Interview w/ mother who’s son was killed in Iraq from The Guardian.
This ain’t so much about the movie as it is about this particular woman’s story.
I. just. can’t. see why anyone of sense and compassion would continue to support this administration. It makes me want to claw my eyes out with needles to just wrap my head around it. Even my conservative christian mother in law hates Bush now. C’mon!?!?!
The Bush White House is like heaven for Big Money & Bigots.
But check this out:

4 thoughts on “F9/11 super article”

  1. And yet, many Americans do support this administration. I think that’s pretty fricken scary. And you know what is even scarier? Kerry is our choice.

  2. Thing is… I’m a moderate. I don’t support the administration because I feel like Bush is basically the worst of both worlds. He does uber conservative thing like try to ban gay marriage, but then he does liberal/democratic things like bring us closer to socialism. And the Patriot Act? Scary, dude. Anyone ever read 1984? We SO have a Big Brother thing going. I’m not even going to start on Iraq.
    Kerry, unfortunately, has no real concrete platforms. Basically, he seems kinda like Bush with a military record. *flame shield* I don’t like either of them. I have to vote, though, because it’s my civic duty! I’m actually gonna have to do an absentee ballot. That’s kinda cool, isn’t it?
    What would make me happy? A nice, moderate alternative. Someone who’ll bring the boys (and girls) in Iraq home, someone who’ll legalize gay marriage, someone who’ll maintain the status quo on abortion, someone who’ll do some education reforms and new budgetting, someone who’ll allow stem-cell research, someone who’ll have a good economic plan for the economy… too much to ask for in one man (or woman), huh?

  3. Agreed! On all points! It is really frustrating to have to vote *for* someone to vote *against* someone else.
    Kerry is still very two dimensional, I hope he shows us something we can dig. But I’m not counting on it.

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