Ever hear a Kallisti’s blood curdling scream? Well, Mr. Kallisti did when I got this in the mail today…
There’s a reason they don’t actually put “20 Year High School Reunion”… so they are not liable for my coronary. Someone, fan me!
And then there’s this:

Mr. Kallisti: “Kallisti, a porn room and “Slerpis at home”.
Now I really do have everything I need.”
Everyone say Happy Birthday! He’s 37 on Saturday… now we’re off to Tahoe in the morning. I want mountains, a pedicure and thou. Oh, and maybe all you can eat crab at the buffet. Mmmmmm!!!

Secret Biscuit Entry:
Late last night, as the wash machine started to spin down and rattle loudly, Biscuit came bounding in from the other room and LEAPT like a bunny rabbit on top of the washer. It rocked harder and harder, he crouched on top of it, riding it like a bucking bronco… this from the kitten who is afraid of the spider sucker. I’ve never seen anything so funny. Clearly he’d done it before, he knew just the right moment to hop on for optimum ride enjoyment. He rode that puppy until it had spun aaaall the way down.
The End.

4 thoughts on “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!”

  1. Dr. Biggles is right: I skipped my 10 year but went to the 20 yr reunion and was disgusted to discover that all the cliques, jocks and everything else that made high school a living hell STILL EXISTED! (Shudder…)

  2. Hey Loli_Cat,
    Oh man, you just put me way back. YES, at the 10 year the jocks were still farking ice holes that were loud obnoxious fucktards. The worst part was when a woman said hi and asked me to guess who she was. I had no idea, she looked NOTHING like she did in high school, not even her voice. I never did guess and she was crushed, she turned and walked away and never would even look at me the rest of the night. Never again.

  3. Ahh, so cute, the kitten story, never seen or heard that before, your guy is an original just like you!! 🙂
    And happy late birthday to Mr. Kallisti!

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