Ebay and…

Cleaning house… unfortunately, I’m really, really cleaned out this time. Not much left to sell except my husband’s action figures!
So please check out my ebay auctions, some volks heads, elf heads, WWF action figures, McFarlanes and My Scenes.
We’re selling up because of this…


I ordered it! Squeeeeeal! So excited. Planning face paints. But it’s not like I don’t have other stuff to do. Gah. I haven’t finished my F04 yet, SS is on the operating table, and I bought a bunch of My Scene stuff today for their FABULOUS outfits and furniture.

2 thoughts on “Ebay and…”

  1. Woo! Congrats! But DD can’t wear SD wigs…
    Oh yes and I made a little Calliope fanart that you can see at my blog, if you wish. (I mean, it is YOUR doll after all.)

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