I’ve been tagged by Anika!
List 5 reasons you are a dork. And make them good reasons. Justify them. Explain them. Be loud and proud of how big a dork you are! Then pick the 5 biggest dorks you know and have them do the same.
1. I love Shirley Temple movies. They make me cry. I’d also mention my Hayley Mills fetish, but I don’t happen to think that is dorky. Hayley is way cool.
2. I just forgot how old I was. 36? 37? OMG! I really can’t remember. I have to do the math. Holy crap. I’ll be 37 in two-ish weeks. Right?
3. I was going to mention my age in reference to the fact that I like to do crafts and housework in a pink froofy petticoat.
4. I am very particular about my sponges. There are three stages to the life of a sponge: 1) brand spankin’ new out of the package are used for dishes 2) gettin’ grodey (dork word) are used to clean the stove and 3) toilet sponge. There are very specific signs of decay that are evident when a sponge must be demoted to the next level.
5. I used to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night in HS with a friend to go eat CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES (pic of some other dork) at the iHOP around the corner from our house. We had to split an order.

3 thoughts on “Dorktastic!”

  1. Ha! When I was 36 & 37 I could never remember which one I was either. I turn the dreaded 40 next month(my lips crack & bleed as I try to annunciated that)……I know exactly how the hell old I am!! I’m right with you on sponges.

  2. yay, our birthdays coming soon, aug. 16 ^^, I remeber from last year, we have the same day, ohohoho, I’m crazy, I just love your dolls, and you, haha ^^;

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