Don’t kill me.

I’m trying to beat my “most posts in one day record” … which I think is maybe three.
Stolen from Morrigan, woot. Really get to know me, why dontcha:

F I R S T S.
First best friend: li’l boy, don’t remember his name, I went to hippy school with him when I was five. He had blonde dread locks (because he was dirty and no one combed his hair) and blue eyes, was very cute and he sang “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” to me in a treetop at school.
First car: And is my current car! 1993 Ford Festiva GL. I just got my license in 2002 (shaddup!). Mr. Kallisti made li’l devil horns for my car and put them on the hood. It is rad.
First date: Didn’t date in High School. The first date I went on lasted for ten (on and off) years.
First crush: Little blonde boy who lived in the neighborhood when I was ten. He grew up to be a big dumb jock.
First real kiss: Was from a girl! I had invited two new girlfriends to sleepover when I was thirteen, we were messing around on the porch and one of them suggested that she practice french kissing on us. I saw her again fifteen years later and she was scary junkie girl.
First break-up: when I was 33.
First piercing/tattoo: aw, just have my ears pierced.
First credit card: Macy’s! When I was twenty.
First true love: Mr. Kallisti, 2002 ♥ ♥ ♥
First enemy: Tracy! She used to pick on me and kick me in Jr. High. Until I learned to act like a lunatic and she ran away.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Probably the Beatles
L A S T S.
Last cigarette: October 2002. I had quit August 2001, and then Sept. 11th happened, and much drinking ensued so I was on and off for the next year. The impending arrival of Mr. Kallisti was very inspirational to go cold turkey and mean it.
Last library book: Probably something I never returned.
Last movie seen: Spidey 2!!!
Last beverage drank: Crystal Geyser Spring Water. I drink them all day cuz they free.
Last food consumed: Trader Joe’s Shrimp Louie salad. Pretty good ‘cept I don’t like the dressing so I used italian.
Last phone call: to Mr. Kallisti about fifteen minutes ago
Last annoyance: talking to my mother about twenty minutes ago. she’s crazy.
Last disappointment: reading that the region free dvd we just bought may or may not do correct PAL aspect ratio conversion.
Last word you said: “My mom is nutty.” to Tamera
F U T U R E.
Where do you want to go?: I’m desperate to see Europe. But I’m deathly afraid of flying. *stabs self in eye*
Your career going to be?: Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!
Where are you Going to live?: 1) mountains and creeks, and bookstore 2) new orleans, swamp, beer and apothecaries
Do you want any kids?: I have adopted two small asian daughters, they are called “Super Dollfies”
C U R R E N T S.
Current mood: Anticipatory! I wanna watch Henry VIII!!! Aaaaaaaaaaagh!
Current taste: Fluffy pink retro decapitated doom googly eyed flapper japanese anime hot sex, and a nice shade of cool avocado green.
Current clothes: As in right now!?!?! Ugh. I got dressed at 6:45am to make an early dr. appt and it looks like it!
Current longing: to own a house, go to europe, not die poor and homeless. and I’d like a Unoa Lusis with sugar on top.
Current favorite artist: I dunno. I think Lucas Cranach still makes me weak in the knees.
Current book you’re reading: “Athenais: The Real Queen of France” and “Financial Planning for Dummies” and “The Fear & Anxiety Workbook”
Current time-wasting wish: what the hell does that mean? I like to watch lots of British television but I’m getting tired of the home makeover antiquey shows. More petticoats, please?
What color socks are you wearing?: Nada, I got on stinky slipons
What color of underwear are you wearing: Black.
What’s under your bed?: Do ya wanna know!?!? Lube and a big box of dildoes.
What time did you wake up today?: 6:30am!!!!