Did ya see her?

Hard to miss, the group of pale and ravaged punk rock bartenders fleeing the French Quarter on the highway on Dateline last night. Such a relief to see you Liz! OMG. I watched it like ten times. Liz was the one in the orange or red shirt who could be heard saying something about “they lied!”… which made me giggle. Rawr.
The longer I go without hearing from Michele (that is Michele Cabrera) the more bleak I get. Micha, please call us!
And on that note, since she’s a FQ bartender, as are many of my other friends, this just in from the AP newswire:

11:55 A.M. – NEW YORK (AP): The Big Apple will raise its glasses to the Big Easy — not for toasts, but to collect money for more than 80,000 hospitality workers from the hurricane-ravaged city.
In addition to New York, bars around the country also have promised to mix cocktails to help the Louisiana bartenders and hotel, casino and restaurant workers facing unemployment.
Four New York-based cocktail experts are spurring the “Save New Orleans Cocktail Hour” — a two-hour nationwide drinking session scheduled for next Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Each $10 drink — Big Easy classics like the sazerac, the ramos gin fizz and the Pimm’s cup — will be served with a set of free Mardi Gras beads.
New York bartenders stepped forward first, with dozens of establishments from Soho’s tony new Pegu Club to the Central Park’s Tavern on the Green and the lively Havana Central, agreeing to participate in the fundraiser.
Organizers said the effort is spreading quickly and now includes the Sierra Gold tavern in Las Vegas, a half dozen businesses in Washington, D.C., and more in Arlington, Va., and Silver Springs, Md.

2 thoughts on “Did ya see her?”

  1. Oh, wow, that is awesome – not only for the generosity, but also for the apropos nature of the fund-raising. Get drunk and save Nawleans!

  2. By the way, has anyone seen or heard from Michelle Cabrera? I spoke to her Sunday morning when she was hunkering down at Monaghan’s for the storm.
    We heard she was with her roommate on Tues. I think.
    I hope she’s got some food, water and a claw hammer with her.
    We miss her!

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