Dear Milkeye,

Your hotmail has bounced my reply, which is not unusual for them. Please read:

The short answer is: thank you for writing and telling me before hand you’re not plagiarizing my site!
It sounds gorgeous, I can’t wait to see it when it is done!
I *have* had people do it in the past. It was horrible. But my friends made his life a living hell and it made me feel better 🙂
I’ll be revamping all the old aspects of the old chapel perilous to integrate them over the next few months. Keep yer milkeyes peeeeeeled!
p.s. I stole the color scheme out of a design book *wink!*
p.p.s. I’ll delete this entry if you’d like, just being cute by posting it publicly and BECAUSE HOTMAIL SUX BOOTY JUICE!!!
p.p.p.s. Random google on “milkeye” brings up this: Mehmet Yilmaz snorts milk up his nose and squirts it out of his eye in a bid to set a new world record in Istanbul, Turkey, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004! Thought you’d like to know what you’re getting into.

One thought on “Dear Milkeye,”

  1. Ah, bless you. Hotmail is very stinky and I think bad thoughts about it. Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest – kind, kind Kallisti.
    And yes. I did that search as well and was relieved to see that it only brought up references to odd human anomalies and one pirate captain. I have another site whose name brings up the most interesting human situations imaginable; I learned my lesson after that one 😉
    I will try you once again from another mail provider and see how that goes.
    Kisses to you.
    P.S. By all means, leave the entry. It makes me feel pretty.

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