Cranky Cat

All hail! Zman is alive! She’s alive!
We picked her up from surgery. She had a tumor removed from one of her nipples. She’s in good shape, and we are much relieved. She’s very brave and ornery for a cat who is nearly eighteen!

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and wishes. We are happy. Now we must spoil her and let her get better.

8 thoughts on “Cranky Cat”

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    i own about 50 uranium apothecary bottles. all different styles.but i do not have one like yours. yours seems to be a pretty rare varient.if you ever decide to sell 🙂 im your man! also have to ask…did you find it in the usa? or another country? ive only came across 1 uranium bottle while combing the antique shops(im near adamstown,pa) (antiques capital!)…most i buy off the net.also,if you have anymore,i’d love to see them..thanks alot,elliot ,

  2. Aw good I’m so glad! (I’m a lurker in your journal btw — you have the best doll collection EVER!)

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