Costume Drama alert!

When I came to work this morning I knew I had to check the A&E website to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Since we got Tivo we’ve stopped casual channel surfing and instead watch hours on end of Southpark, Kids in the Hall & Monarch of the Glen.

The Last King or, to BBC audiences, also known as Charles II: The Power & The Passion (it should have been The Prince of Passion if you ask me, snark!) airs this week. It says it is an edited 3 hour version (the bbc production was 4 episodes). It appears as if they show it all at once but I’m having a hard time confirming this as I’m at work.
Next Airing: Fri Mar 26, 2004 8:00 PM
Check your local listings for details!
In any case, I’ve been pining after this series since I ran across this on DVD over at recently. I never thought they’d show it here! I’ll watch A & E’s edited down version with relish. So should you.
Starring Rufus Sewell, Diana Rigg & Rupert Graves. Swoony and magnificent. I really really hope this lives up to expectations. Who knows, if we’re lucky we’ll get a glimpse of the nasty & delicious Earl of Rochester!

One thought on “Costume Drama alert!”

  1. GACK! I just checked and it’s already in progress. ;_; Luckily they rerun it later. Looking forward to seeing it again.
    The editing seems pretty seemless. I wasn’t aware it was a miniseries untill I read it it online.

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