Concerts and High School Scrapbooks

Mr. Kallisti came in from the garage cleaning project the other day, all excited because he’d found my High School scrapbook. It is quite a relic. Most of the stuff was put in when I was about 15-16, and then I added a bunch of music clippings from the late eighties, hence all the sugarcubes scraps. In any case, I know several of my freeeends who will get a kick out of this!
My favorite is my topless new wave fairy drawing (bad hands!) that is completely coffee splattered and cornered by a newsclipping of my friends burning the flag on campus. Sigh. Those were the days.

(clicky to go to scrapbook gallery!)
Concert meme lifted from Paul, the uber cool.
* take the ones from my list that you have seen, and post them in your own LJ.
* add more until you have 25.
* bold the ones you add.
Adam and the Ants (x3)
Bongwater (x3)
Dead Can Dance
Happy Mondays (X1)
Gene Loves Jezebel
Nina Hagen
Robyn Hitchcock (x23847)
Killer Pussy
Cyndi Lauper
Love & Rockets
Lene Lovich
Oingo Boingo
Siouxsie (x3)
That Petrol Emotion
The Butthole Surfers (X2)
The Cramps (X2)
The Damned (x2)
The Dead Kennedys (X2)
The Church (x4)
The Knitters
The Ophelias (a lot)
The Pogues (x4)
The Ramones (x5)
The Stranglers
The Sugar Cubes (x2)
Throwing Muses (x3)

2 thoughts on “Concerts and High School Scrapbooks”

  1. Lucky you, getting to see the Pogues. I had tickets to one of their shows but Shane M. went and got arrested in Mexico and they were forced to cancel. Has always been a regret for me.
    DCD have regrouped and are playing shows in Oakland this fall, if you are interested. You probably already knew that.
    And I just *knew* you would have a kick-ass scrapbook. Even at 15 you had more creativity in your little finger than I could ever hope for.

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