Check it.

New pic added to the me gallery: yes, that is a Sanrio Twin Stars hair barrette, baby. Circa, um… 1976. About the same time I was watching this.

Wow. Nearly the same haircut I have now. Whoda thunkit? One of the better poodle cuts I was subjected to as a child. I’m tellin’ yah, the world is much more curls friendly than it was in the IRON IT FLAT seventies. Sheesh. No wonder I went all punk rock and shaved it off at fourteen. Yip.

4 thoughts on “Check it.”

  1. I love your dolls. I am thinking of buying a Pullip doll. Do you have a site where it shows how to change the eyes and hair, and where to purchase new eyes for the dolls? Thanks

  2. I would like to put a link of your site( ’cause I LOVE it SOooo much!!!!) on my links page.
    this is my site

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