Bush as Bigot.

I’m so angry I could scream. This is such a close and dear issue for me. I can’t even begin to express how mindless and bigotted I think anyone is who supports this man, this administration, these ideals. I am very unreasonable. And I am sickened by the lack of gumption from other politicians to stop this. WTF!!?!?!
And we haven’t even gotten to the nominations yet. This is going to be a real rough year. I should update our voting page on SiH.
*shakes fist in air*
“Godspeed through Texas, faggot!” – Kids in the Hall

2 thoughts on “Bush as Bigot.”

  1. …wow.
    As a rule, I never “hate” people that I’ve never met in person. But wow. He’s getting really close. I’m really angry. What the hell business is it of his if gays get married? I mean, they’re going to continue being gay, regardless of if they let them get married or not. Only then they deny them the permanency and stability (and validity) of a legal union. Like gays and bisexuals don’t have enough emotional and acceptance issues without being told by the government that their love is worthless.
    I don’t understand why Bush feel so… threatened by homosexuality. I almost wonder if he’s a closet case himself. -_-*
    Makes me sad….

  2. “That sends a message to the next generation that marriage has no enduring meaning,”
    How about the druken hetrosexuals who go through drive thru chapels, only to get it anulled later? Oh yes, that far better represents a proper commitment than two homosexuals who have been together for years.

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