“Bog of lust”

I am not kidding.
Mr. Kallisti brought home a book, a scary book, from the free book exchange. One of those creepy seventies books on breast feeding, filled with topless mothers, the glistening dewdrop of baby spittle gleaming on their engorged nipples.
And there’s this section, called “sex & breastfeeding.” It is so wrong! A picture of mother and child breastfeeding, while daddy anxiously awaits his turn. The seventies were so creepy. Blythe notwithstanding, there is no good in romanticising the seventies.
But yeah, in a paragraph describing the involuntary squirting of milk during sexual arousal describes how damp and hot your body gets. Mr. Kallisti quipped about “the bog of lust” and I nearly fell out of my chair.
There. That is all.

3 thoughts on ““Bog of lust””

  1. Post a photo of Dad waiting his turn! Pleeeeaaaassseeee…
    It’s for educational reasons only that I want to see this, it has nothing to do with the “Christmas card 2005” project…

  2. Please, Oh Please send me the title and author of that book! I am a lactation counselor and I collect old bf literature. It sounds great.

  3. HEY !!!! He didn’t show me THAT one !!!
    Mr. Kallisti gets a pankin’. From you of course.
    Maaan. How am I supposed to get my OBGYN license now ???

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