Bodice Ripper updates…

Henry VIII“… sigh.
I have to say that I am a little bit disappointed. And I was sooooo excited to watch it. Ray Winstone who plays Henry put me off the most. He talks and grumbles like a London cab driver. Has zero finesse and no sympathy. We all know Henry was a monster, but people don’t start out that way. Henry, until later life, was a six foot tall blustering manly man. Not a stout growly cabby. Grrr. And the costumes. Usually BBC productions are so meticulous, but these look cheaply produced and ill fitting. Also, too much billowy gauze (which was my main complaint with the movie “Elizabeth”). Definately worth the watch but I found “Charles II” to be much more accurate and entertaining. There was a lot of fubbing with timelines etc that only a nerd like me would notice. Like Henry only married Anne Boleyn (albeit in secrecy) after they had finally slept together and she got pregnant. Granted it took her six years to finally give it up to him. In the film she gives it to him on her wedding night. Behind a lot of purple gauze. *snark* Also, they left out the best of Anne’s lines before her death, her giggling about her “little neck” when discussing the imported french swordsman. Still, there were some great bloody decapitation scenes, woo!
Still, I have the second half to watch and I’m looking forward to it. Check out this brief history on BBC for more info.
As you’ve probably figgered, the Cyberhome 300 worked! But I don’t have any PAL tv to test the PAL aspect ratio, and I have a feeling this sweet li’l machine might not play them properly, all the web reviews are conflicting. Oh well, Target is still carrying the 500 that Swingingwake recommended, I can upgrade if need be. But the 300 is the tinyiest neatest li’l beastie ever. I’ll just have to order more dvd’s!
I’m combing for movies I’ve been dying to own for years.
la Passion Béatrice” isn’t even available there. It has been reissued on VHS domestically but is out of stock, though available used. WTF!?!? I want this movie on dvd soooo bad. It is one of Julie Delpy’s first films and is loosely based on the story of Beatrice Cenci except it takes place in Medieval France as opposed to Renaissance Rome. Gar!
Children of the Century” is now available domestically (I paid $30 for a canadian VHS last year). An absolutely gorgeous film about George Sand & Alfred de Musset. Swoon!
So all I have right now are the “League of Gentlemen” season 2 & Christmas specials in my shopping cart. Hmph.
Oh, and “Queen Margot” is available domestically now, but they don’t have the cool cover art the Brit edition does:


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  1. If you’d like a good BBC production, try Gormenghast. It’s awesome. Based on some books by Mervyn Peak (spelling?). The costumes are gorgeous, actors are fabulous…

  2. Glad the machine worked!
    Regarding your mention of testing aspect ratio of PAL… Your copy of Henry VIII is region 2 no? did the picture look normal when you watched it? There are converters out there for machines without the built-ins that may be cheaper than picking up an additional player, though I’m not sure where to look, DVD Talk has an excellent tech forum you may want to check out, since you’re being frugal about spending it may be a good option.
    Also, if you haven’t heard of it, check our Spaced – a hilarious UK comedy series, the creators also made a FANTASTIC movie called Shaun of the Dead which is absolutely brilliant (not sure when it’s getting DVD treatment over there, it’s not coming here til just about next year but you should make a mental note). Not period dramas or anything, but excellent region 2 offerings.
    Anchor Bay UK is releasing a mondo Hellraiser box set IN a lament configuration >faints< so me ‘n th eman-thang are getting a better deeveedee playah wicked soon, yay!
    And that UK Queen Margo cover isn’t so nicely designed as ours but you’re definitely right that it’s better ^_^

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