Blythe! Across the street!

Went to the Pacific East Mall across the street to find big plastic flowers for Fifi’s hair (more on that later) and the asian bookstore has ILYIT Blythe! For $100!
Anyone local who wants her, they had like six of them on the shelf. Pretty cool. Here’s to hoping they get more in the future, eh!
We also ate at a new restaurant that just opened, of Macau food! Neato! I really, really wish I was more adventurous in the food department. The Pacific East restaurants aren’t your typical namby pamby asian restaurants we white folks usually go to. These places are hardcore, and most of the dishes are heads, lips and organ meats. Heh. My uncle would have ate it all!
[Vegetarians can stop reading here]
We by-passed the pork intestine salad and had crispy roasted pork instead. Awesome! Little cubes of pork goodness with the skin still on and all salty and crunchy. We had shrimp dumpling soup that had whole fresh shrimp in the dumplings. Yum, and had some rice noodles that were tossed with bean sprouts and shrimp and chicken and yumminess. And then, oh boy, salty, spicey fried chicken wings. I am a huge fan of the wing, and these were GOOD.
Yay for Macau food! Even if there’s only five items on the menu that don’t make my knees quiver. So good.
I want to watch someone eat a fish maw someday. Really.

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  1. Ohhh LUCKY! I wanna eat pig lip and stuff… wait… I already do… hotdogs! *smacks forehead* lol But I am adventrous with food. If it tastes good I’ll eat it!

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