Some of the benefits of working for THE MAN in a nice shiney new office building are the nice bay views, loads of dosh, and not finding the toilet and surrounding tile in the ladies totally covered in pee.
WELL. Someone missed. >.< THIS is also interesting. Finally getting to know what is inside some of our liquor. Vegans beware! Food allergins beware! For years liquor was exempt from content labeling laws due to their powerful liquor lobbies and large tax revenues brought in by booze sales. I don’t mind all this stuff is used, personally red wine gives me a headache, but I sure know some who might.
Um, what else. Oh, going to see “Vanity Fair” tonight. More on that later.
Saw “Hero” last weekend with Morriganlafey. Absolutely stunning and fabulicious. I was floored. Completely. One of the most beautifully filmed pictures I’ve ever seen. Very “sweeping.” And profound.
See my previous long winded post on movie night. And I just ordered “Bright Young Things” from Amazon UK. It’s not playing here yet and I want to hear Stephen Fry’s commentary. Nyah.
Oh, and because every entry needs a picture, here’s a little lovely group shot of the caste of Hammer’s “Vampire Lovers,” the lovely Ingrid Pitt starring:

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