2 thoughts on “Blastmilk Notifications!”

  1. hi!
    Just wanted to say I love you for the notification idea. Your blog is so wonderful and infromative and..well…fun!!
    BTW: I am having a hard time getting it to work. Just wanted let you know ’cause I know you were wonering if it was working or not. ^_^

  2. I concur – this is a wonderful idea, and I’d really appreciate it. I’m also having trouble getting it to work, and thought you might find the error message helpful:
    Email notifications have not been configured! The weblog owner needs to set the EmailVerificationSecret configuration variable in mt.cfg.
    You’re using Movable Type, which makes this much easier to fix. If I understand correctly, you need to open the ‘mt.cfg’ file, search for the EmailVerificationSecret section, type in a password basically, and then upload it back to the server. That should do it.

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