Blastmilk indeed!


Thanks to Tamera (who sits next to me) Mr. Kallisti and I dashed over to the SFMoma for a taste of culture. She had mentioned they had an exhibit on the top floor featuring stuff by Murakami & Yoshitomo Nara… not least of which was a giant sculpture of an anime girl squirting milk out of her tremendous nipples. Blastmilk demanded that we see it!

Our new poster girl! This baby was seven or eight feet tall. It turns out we’d seen the image before in a book/magazine but had no idea she was a life size sculpture. Really amazing! In any case, bought a book when we got home that has both Murakami & Nara featured, among other Japanese artists, and I highly recommend it (we scanned these photos from it).

4 thoughts on “Blastmilk indeed!”

  1. Hey, would you like to talk to Mr. Kallisti and see if he would sculpt one for our back yard? That is of course after he gets done sculpting my barbecue hut …

  2. Yeaaaaaah…. I saw one by this guy that was equally weird – a guy jerking off with the same sort of free-floating halo of white liquid. -_-* Weird stuff!

  3. Aiiiie! I love Murakami and Nara! Yanno…Murakami had a display thing at the Rockefeller Center! It had mushwoooooms~~…

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