Biscuit’s couch

This *used* to be Fifi’s couch. And then Biscuit moved in…
For awhile, I didn’t mind if he slept in it while he was a kitten. Pretty as a picture, he was. I would just vacuum it before I gave it back to the girls. Then, every once in awhile I would find it in the middle of the living room. I figured Mr. Kallisti had been vacuuming and moved it, or had needed to get into the media case it stands in front of. And then one day I noticed all these little holes up the side of the right arm. Look closely at the pictures below. You’ll see them.
They’re teeth marks. Where Biscuit had tried to drag the small couch to his secret hidey place under the bed in the bedroom. Where he drags the rest of HIS stuff! Except he never made it farther than about four feet.

Still. It is his couch now. And look how he crams into it, the little bruiser. See how his butt hangs off it. Caught him with his face pressed into the corner. Our tv program was too loud, he says. He couldn’t sleep, he says.
Oh yeah… HAPPY NEW YEAR! To the East Coast anyway.