Birthday loot!

Came home Tuesday to find the biggest box in the world, all wrapped in minty green paper that perfectly matched our decor. Tearing it open revealed a dream come true! The full set of Camille Rose Garcia vinyls. They’re so much bigger than I thought! 12″ or more? Only one girl has come out so far. Don’t actually have room for them right now :/ but expect more peektures of them coming soon. And then the girl vinyls will fight the boy vinyls TO THE DEATH!



And THEN yesterday evening we met The Robots for Tacos & Tikis in Alameda. They biked over (Alameda is a narrow island that hugs the Oakland Marina. After the 1906 earthquake many San Franciscans took refuge there, so there are a lot of Victorians and it is Very Cute™) and we waded through waning rush hour traffic to get there. I’ve entertained living in Alameda since leaving The City, but the best time to rent or buy would have been before I had a car and it was a bit too isolated for me then. But I’m wondering… mmmmmmebbe. It is cute like Point Richmond, but without being A) in Richmond or B) literally on top of an oil refinery.
That was a long aside. Pardon.
We started the evening at Acapulco, ye olde timey Mexican joint. Great old stucco and dark wood, ranch style decor, lots of kitch. Big plates of beans and rice and tacos that didn’t suck, but weren’t necessarily mind-blowingly autentico mexicano (like the place Paul took us too in Longbeach, holy hell). No pictures of the food. Not photogenic.
Half a mile down the road is a favorite spot of The Robots: Forbidden Island, and amazing homage to Polynesian kitsch, with an amazing bar menu. This is THE place to have a girl drink drunk, you betcha. The drinks were superb. All dressed attractively, very large, full of quality booze, and well balanced. Even Dropsy had a few too many. And there’s a drink you pay a lot for and you get to take the swell tiki glass w/ the bar name on it home. Awesome.


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  1. We USED to have a truly awesome landmark tiki restaurant here in town, but unfortunately, someone a few years back decided it wasn’t making enough money so they bulldozed it and built a Walgreens over it. Rest in peace, Kahiki.

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