Bee is for…

is for Bee.
is for Becky.
is for Behead.
is for Boobies.
is for Bookwhore.
is for Blastmilk.
Welcome to Blastmilk Redux. There is still a lot to do, I’ve rushed the upgrade before I was ready for big dark secret reasons. There will be lotsa stylesheet fixes, and file jostling. So please forgive the abbreviated website, broken links, funky nav, and random funky text colors. I will be committing many more updates in the coming weeks.
Please to report brokey things.
EDIT: my web fu masters, if you have any input on how to improve my xhtml, please do!

5 thoughts on “Bee is for…”

  1. YEAH !!! Rock on HTML Ninja.
    Personally, I like how you’re leading the pack. Sure there are others doing different, but not with the Love. You have Love surging through your veins, this counts more than anything.
    Surge the Love Ninja Babe!
    Senior Biggles

    Hello. I have been wanting to write you for a while. You are such in inspiration to me. I have recent’y (last 9 months) have gotten into the Volks Dolls, and have just loved what you do with them. It has inspired me to do alot more on my dolls and with them. I have ons SD13Megu, just won MSD, have two Blythes, and 6 Pullips, and a host of others. I have a story for them, and how they will all interact. I love how you do your face ups. I am in the process of redoing my MSD soon, (cross fingers). I’d love you to check out my site also, and if I can do anything better with the dolls. Sorry about the rambling, have just wanted to say thanks for all you do and your work.
    I never thought being as old as what I am (39 in a few months) that I’d be playing with dolls again, but I love it and it’s great therapy, not as cheap as therapy, but still relaxing, and I also have a husband who is understanding and helps me with bulding stuff for them.
    Keep up the good work.
    wyntormoon 🙂

  3. Holy Mark Ryden Batman!!!
    I hope you pardon the MR mention but that was the first name to pop into my skull upon loading this splendiferous new page!
    Good lord it rocks WITH its cock out if you’ll ALSO pardon my French.
    Dizzam, and I just redid my site last weekend, I am shamed a thousand times – did you make the title font?
    I need to hire you, seriously, I am starting a “Kallisti please develop my webpage fund ASAP”

  4. Aw! You nice! I’ve added your site to my linkie list. It looks great!
    It took me MONTHS to actively come up with something I was happy with. And I’ve been thinking about it for a lot longer than that.
    I don’t mind the MR reference. The first time I saw his work I had that “he’s seen inside my SOUL!!!” feeling. I’m tired of the darkly romantic look many of my sites have had. This is more me. Bright and SCARY.

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